Our Gaming Theme Park. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds, feel the thrill in the Actoracer or flight simulator or simply gamble on the Playstation: You decide what is played here. Our racers, simulators, consoles and PCs are ready for you and the next high score every day from 3 to 9 pm.


Project Paranoid is Europe’s first live adventure with mixed reality glasses for 4 players. This means that you can still see your friends while immersing yourself in breathtaking hologram worlds. High-quality entertainment technologies ensure an immersive experience that is second to none.

Project Paranoid’s interactive storytelling deals with socially critical future topics and has many different outcomes for your adventure.




  • 6 spots for you and your squad
  • High-end PCs and peripherals
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and all common e-sports titles pre-installed
  • Also bookable privately on request at: reissig@ucs.gg


€4 per hour

Tickets are available on site in the gaming area

Tower Tag


TOWER TAG is a hyper-dynamic, futuristic PVP shooter, similar to paintball. The gripping hook principle is immediately integrated into the natural movement sequence and is internalized – and also prevents motion sickness. Conquer as many towers as possible with your team in order to move across the map as quickly as possible and surprise your opponent with ever new tactics. TOWER TAG works without many complicated button assignments, so your body and the controller become one in the game. TOWER TAG – the original at RCADIA Hamburg.




  • High-end gaming computers
  • Large game library
  • Leetdesk tables and Razer peripherals


€3 per hour

Tickets are available on site in the gaming area


ACTORACER - Sim Racing

  • Unique racing simulation experience
  • Alone or race against friends
  • Get your spot on the leaderboard!


€10 per 15 minutes

Tickets are available on site in the gaming area


  • 4k TV
  • Scuff controller
  • FIFA 22 and Fortnite


€2 per hour

Tickets are available on site in the gaming area


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sign in?

You can register right here on our site. Or join us on Discord and check out #membership.

What is the difference between casual and advanced training?

In the casual training sessions, you will learn the basics of the respective game and can then implement them directly while gambling with the other training participants. The main thing is to have fun with the game.

The advanced training is then about identifying weaknesses and strengths of your game together and learning how you can improve your in-game performance. For this we use e.g. B. VOD reviews or go through individual mechanics in detail.

Do I need a team to train with you?

No! Our training sessions are specially designed so that you can also participate as a single player without any problems. You’ll also get to know new people along the way!

Unfortunately I don't live in Hamburg. Are you also in other cities?

We are currently only in Hamburg. However, we are growing fast and will soon be represented in your city.

I didn't find my favorite game in your selection? when is this coming

Which games we can offer depends on the demand and the availability of our coaches. If you are missing a specific title, please contact our staff.

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age always depends on the age rating of the respective game.

If I come to an event, do I need to bring my own controller, keyboard or mouse?

No, we have everything on site. This includes first-class gaming hardware from our partners, so you certainly won’t miss your own controller.

Are the RCADIA and the RCADIA Spaces the same?

The same company is behind RCADIA and RCADIA Spaces. The RCADIA in Hamburg is unique and specializes in large events. The RCADIA Spaces are created all over Germany and are your regional contact point when it comes to training, esports and the community in your city.

I have a problem, what's the best way to contact you?

In our Discord you can always contact our employees, who will be happy to help you with any questions. Simply open a support ticket. You can find out how to do this in the #support channel.

Where exactly can I find you?

RCADIA is located in Hamburg Bergedorf, Oberer Landweg 27 – 29, just a few minutes walk from the S-Bahn station Nettelnburg.

The RCADIA Spaces are located on what is probably Germany’s most famous street, the Reeperbahn. More precisely, in Hamburger Ding at Nobistor 16. The S-Bahn station Reeperbahn is right in front of the door. Up the golden staircase between the Astra Bar and the Holsten kiosk and you’re there.